Zippori Village

Zippori Village is located on a hillside facing Zippori National Park
with a breathtaking view of the Bet Netofa Valley.

Each house is ranked “A” By the Israel Ministry of Tourism and designed to provide our guests with privacy, quiet and luxury. All are equipped with air conditioning, Jaccuzzis, fireplaces, TV, and a fully equipped kitchenette (Kosher halavi only), including a fridge, microwave, hotplate, kettle, coffee + tea. Wireless internet access is available from each cabin.

The houses are spacious, with the main bedroom downstairs
and a large sleeping loft for the children upstairs. The rustic wooden furnishings are hand-crafted and in keeping with the ancient traditions of Zippori, all the floors are inlaid with hand-made mosaics.

The houses are surrounded by a large grassy lawn and a pond in the central square. There is also a picnic area, including a barbecue,
and an outdoor ping pong table.

Zippori National park is where the “Mona Lisa of the Galilee” and the Ancient Synagogue await you. Hiking trails lead to numerous ancient caves and other remains of over 2000 years of continous inhabitation on this hillside.

The natural wonders include the waters of Zippori springs, oak and pine forests, fields of wildflowers and a view that stretches from the Carmel to Mount Hermon.

Moshav Zippori also offers horseback riding, a sheep farm and dairy, the aqua-plant farm and a parrot farm. There is a grocery store located nearby on the Moshav, as well as a gift store, a boutique for natural cosmetics and a mosaic-making workshop.
Massages and beauty treatments are available at the Zippori Country Spa.

The cottages are also suitable for observant families with Shabbat services
held at the synagogue of Hoshaya, a 30-minute walk.

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The Tomb of Rabbi Yehoshua Ben Levy in our Courtyard