The Castle

Zippori Village Castle

The Castle of Zippori Village is built as a scale model of the ancient Crusader Castle of Zippori National Park on the facing hill.
The Castle is a large villa with three floors and a total of 7 bedrooms with 5 bathrooms, 2 large Jacuzzis and everything else to offer the highest standards of luxury accommodations.
It boasts of a large balcony facing a breathtaking view and is only a few steps away from the swimming pool.
It has a fully-equipped halavi kosher kitchen with a fridge, microwave oven, toaster, electric hot plates, kettle, Shabbat platta and large water urn for Shabbat. There is an outdoor grill on the porch that can be used with your own utensils or plastic plates. There are cribs and chairs for children as well.

The Castle is available for groups, large families, or several couples to share the house. A maximum of 18 people can share the Castle.